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Making friends as an adult

Making friends as an adult is like

Is it too soon to text?
What should I wear?
Am I talking too much?
Do we split the bill?

Laugh for no reason.
Make a silly mess.
Giggle at jokes no one else gets.

Investment banking.
High risk? High reward.
Low risk? Low reward.
It’s poker for adults with portfolios.
The currency? Honesty.

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire?
It’s having someone on your lifeline.
It’s knowing someone will answer when you
“Phone a friend”.
It’s like praying they answer because a 50/50 won’t cut it.

And sometimes it’s like

Eating soup with a fork.

It’s hard.




Spanish Teacher, in love with life, and dancing til its over. I like giraffes and chocolate. If we aren't living for God, then what are we living for?

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