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Captain’s Log 4/2/2020

Captain’s Log 4/2/2020

Slightly over a quarter of a score ago, I gave birth to JL, now a handy crew member. Today we celebrated his sixth consecutive rotation around the sun, and as a result, little was accomplished on USS Homefront. Also, although rats are generally considered to be vermin on ships, we decided to let JL keep one as a pet. His name is either Hammy, Climber, Black Ninja, Dark Scorpion, or DJ, “ ‘cause he’s ROCKIN’ “.

I did still have to man my virtual ship, as of yet unnamed. Smooth seas today.

More tomorrow,
Captain C. Wilson



Spanish Teacher, in love with life, and dancing til its over. I like giraffes and chocolate. If we aren't living for God, then what are we living for?

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