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Captain’s Log 3/30/2020

Captain’s Log 3/30/2020

I am now piloting four ships: my virtual ship (my classes), crew ~100; my actual ship (home), crew ~2, plus co-captain Bobby and several animals in cargo; and two newly added ships of distance learning for MT and JL. The four ships are going in opposite directions, and I have one appendage strapped to the steering mechanism of each one. If you are picturing a medieval torture device, congratulations, you have successfully mastered whatever state standard it is when you can visualize images from reading! I hereby award you a gold star.

We began the day with packet pickup for the crew as they begin their distance learning. It was an emotional experience to drive up to the school and drive away with only a packet of papers.

Upon our return to the ship, I became overwhelmed with panic and anxiety. Images of packets haunted my thoughts while I took the helm of my virtual ship.

The sea witches left me alone after a time, and I was able to begin to process the packets and figure out how to navigate 4 ships simultaneously with moderate success.

The crew found recreation in building pretend fortified spaces from bedding. This skill may come in handy should we have to defend ourselves in the coming days of plague.

We are all still alive. Seas are calming.

More tomorrow,

Captain C. Wilson



Spanish Teacher, in love with life, and dancing til its over. I like giraffes and chocolate. If we aren't living for God, then what are we living for?

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