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Captain’s Log 3/27/2020

Captain’s Log 3/27/2020

On the virtual ship today the crew tackled their first discussion board. There were minor bumps, but we fared well. I am impressed by how resilient these kids have been and how honest they’ve been about their struggles, questions, and fears. They have adjusted, but I asked today how they FELT for their discussion post. You can tell that some of the students are rolling with the changes, others are full of anxiety. They want to do well. How does this work? When will we go back? Will we go back? What if…? People have talked about all the adjusting teachers, I mean… Captains, have done, but we can’t forget how much the kids have been through. I’m a decent captain, but this crew of mine is strong.

On my actual ship, the crew spent a good deal of the day planning a camp out on the deck (living room floor). Reserves of vegetables and meat in the galley are high, but we were into emergency rations of snacks. I manned a solo expedition to the shores of a local Walmart. I genuinely feared for my life, since a plague is circulating now. I survived the trip, but the number of sick and dead rise daily. The crew are confined to the ship for their own safety.

More tomorrow,

Captain C. Wilson



Spanish Teacher, in love with life, and dancing til its over. I like giraffes and chocolate. If we aren't living for God, then what are we living for?

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