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Captain’s Log 3/25/2020, Part I

Captain’s Log 3/25/2020, Part I

Today captains were permitted to return briefly to their abandoned ships to collect necessary items and prepare materials for crew (students) without Internet.

It was an emotional experience for me. I have been doing ok with the changes, but seeing my empty classroom ahem, ship, broke my heart. I genuinely miss my students, and I miss teaching them in person.

Today, we forge a new path on the seas of the Interwebs. To be fair, there were already ocean analogies for the web, so the captain’s log remains fitting. I’m off to my virtual ship.

Empty ship.

More later,
Captain C. Wilson



Spanish Teacher, in love with life, and dancing til its over. I like giraffes and chocolate. If we aren't living for God, then what are we living for?

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