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There’s only one rule in Book Club: YOU CAN’T TALK ABOUT BOOK CLUB.

Just kidding. These were my opening words today in our first meeting, and it got a pretty good laugh.

y’all. book club was **amazing** today. 

We had our first meeting, and it was seriously EVERYTHING. We had 10 people sign up, buy a greatly discounted book, and show up. We had 4 adults sign up, and 6 kiddos. And, once we got in the room with our lunches, it was like there was no age difference or social divisions among us at all.

It was ridiculously refreshing to be in a room with thinking humans who want to learn more and learn from each other and who were willing to share their experiences and knowledge and recommend further reading and watching. It was beautiful. I’ve never felt so encouraged and affirmed before that brief 40 minute encounter.

Here’s what we did today:

  • passed out books
  • gave a brief overview
  • had a read-aloud of the first few pages
  • discussed thoughts thus far
  • started an in-depth discussion of our prior reading, research, and watching related to the Holocaust.

Here’s the plan:

  1. The first Wednesday will be like today: intro the new book.
  2. Wednesdays #2 and 3 (and sometimes 4) will be “reading meetings”, just a quiet space to read this book or another one and eat lunch.
  3. Last Wednesday of the month will be a no-holds-barred discussion. In other words: SPOILER ALERT, we’ll discuss the book including the ending.
  4. The last 10-12 days of every month, I’ll also begin announcing our new book for the next month and taking sign ups for orders. I’ve had several kids already tell me they want in on the next one!


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