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This book is rocking my world so far. I just finished my 8th year of teaching and my 3rd year as an ELAR teacher. Teaching English has changed my life in ways I couldn’t have imagined 3 years ago. It brought me back to the reader and writer inside; it has renewed my passion. The last three years have taught me a lot about all the ways I can engage my students in authentic reading and writing, but this book is all about the one question I haven’t found a good answer to: how am I supposed to fit all this in?

Luckily, it looks like the authors have the same answer I do: you don’t.

I’m looking forward to reading more about the “how” and “why” of their decisions. The wheels are already turning in my head as I think about everything I want to share with my students next year and all they can share with me. ❤️

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