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Adobe Spark Video Tutorial

Last week, after making and sharing two digital stories, I received many compliments on my video making skills. I feel like a bit of a cheater, though, because it was actually extremely easy. In fact, this week, I’ve created a quick tutorial on how to use Adobe Spark Videos to create a video as beautiful as mine! I have to admit… the tutorial took more skill to create than the digital stories did!

I learned many valuable lessons while making this tutorial:

First and foremost, I gained an appreciation for all those people who have made tutorials that I have watched a long the way. I used to believe that a 2-minute video was “short”. HA! Now, I know that every minute of video is at least an hour, usually 2 or 3 hours, of planning, recording and editing. I’m sure that people who have honed their craft over time can shave some time off of this, but for us beginners, it is hard work!

Next, I feel so proud of what I have done. This feeling of wanting to shout about my learning from the rooftops (or blog posts…) is a feeling I want my students to have every time they complete a task for me. You know why? Because this will not be the last tutorial I ever make. I had fun. I want to do it again. Oddly, the same thing happened with my digital story. I had so much fun that I made TWO!

Lastly, I learned that in the age of technology, it is unlikely that I will find one tool that will do everything I need it to do. For this project, I used 3 different products and I will share it on 3 different websites, not including Creative Commons, which I used to license the video. In today’s world, we need many different tools working together to accomplish the tasks ahead.

Please watch the tutorial and let me know what you think! 




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